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January 23, 2009

My Mansion in Joshua Tree…

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Annalee is the bee’s knees. Swear to Jesus. We were headed out to Pioneer Town to catch the Sin City All Stars’ doin’ their Gram Parson’s Tribute show at Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneer Town Palace, and I realized we were right down the way from the Tin Can Ranch, the place where me and my old man used to live when we first moved out to California.

We turned down a dirt road and I told her which way to go, trying to remember the way. There’s no street signs out there. It’s pretty off the grid. But that’s the how and the why of Dwight likin’ it. He liked to be left alone. Like, real left alone. We musta spent a thousand nights out there, under the stars, just the fire keepin’ us warm, drinkin’ beer, listenin’ to the coyotes howl.

Dwight was alright. He meant well. He just, I don’t know, he wasn’t too tender if ya know what I mean. But he had a tough life, he didn’t come from a real tender family, so I can’t blame him. He just wasn’t used to bein’ around a woman after so much time in the penn. They don’t train ’em how to treat a woman while they’re inside. They should. That’s what them guys need, a good woman.

And my dream of bein’ an actress, well, he just laughed at that everytime I said it. Soon I just shut up about it and went about dreamin’ on my own. Silent like.

It was good to see the ranch, all the same. Kinda hard though. But Annalee, she’s nice. She just listened while I was talkin’ and gettin’ all teary. Somehow she knew that’s what I needed. Just to talk and get it out. I miss those times with Dwight. Well, some of ’em. I mean, I’m glad the whole restraining order thing worked out the way it did an all. It’s what got me to Los Angeles finally. Where I met my best girl, Annalee.

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November 14, 2008

High Desert Here I Come!

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I’m so excited! Annalee is the best friend a girl like me could have, I swear. This weekend she’s taking me to Joshua Tree. She’s bringing her movie camera, so we’ll probably make a movie or something. We’re going to see a Gram Parson’s tribute show at Pappy and Harriets Palace in Pioneertown, near Joshua Tree, California. It’s supposed to be pretty cold, but I’m used to that. It’s pretty cold in Arkansas in the winter.

Pioneertown is amazing. It’s a little town that was built as the “main street” for old cowboy movies. Maybe I’ll meet a real cowboy. I miss cowboys. There are lots of them in Arkansas.



I’m so excited! Ok, I have to go pack now. I’ll write when I get back. And if we make a movie, of course I’ll post it here!



October 17, 2008

Hi. I’m Trixxxie.

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My name is Trixxxie. Some people refer to me as “Truck Stop Trixxxie, the Inflatable Lot Lizard,” but I think that name keeps them from seeing the multi-fasceted person that I am.

I’m from Arkansas. I came to Los Angeles 7 years ago with stars in my eyes and hopes of being the next Julia Roberts. I just loved her in Pretty Woman. She’s the perfect movie star. I was gonna show everyone in Arkansas that I’d made something of myself. But life in Tinseltown is very competative and very sink or swim. Ironically, I feel like I’ve sunk. Which is crazy, cuz if you knew me, you’d know I was a pretty buoyant person. I feel like a failure sometimes, but then I just pick myself up by my bootstraps and keep on keepin’ on. What else is a girl gonna do?

I met a girl a little while back, Annalee. She’s pretty cool. She’s all, “Let’s just make movies on our own, screw Hollywood!” She’s crazy.

So we went to Las Vegas in August and Annalee brought her video camera. After seeing the movie, I’m like, “Woah, I should slow down on the drinking,” but it’s hard, ya know?

We just booked our flights to Arkansas for December. We’re going to go back to the trailer park and visit my mom. I’m scared, but Annalee’s like, “I’ll be right by your side, you can do it.” Man… I haven’t seen her since I left seven years ago. It wasn’t pretty.

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